Tuesday, September 09, 2008


If you read Sunday's article on Western New York's greatest runner, Deerfoot, you might be interested to see a picture of what his grave looks like. I took the above picture of it in Forest Lawn Cemetery. He's in front and a little over from Red Jacket's grave. We didn't have room for it in the story.

Hope you noticed the little plug to get Deerfoot in the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame someday, in one form or another. The Hall prefers to have its inductees be a little more, um, current, for obvious reasons, but they do have an honor for past greats. I don't think there's anyone that goes back before the 1860's. And considering his many world records, he's quite qualified.

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Becky said...

Since Deerfoot was important enough for the NY Athletic Club to move his grave, I would think the Buffalo Hall of Fame could at least honor him in their manner.

By the way, good article! I had missed it first time around.