Monday, May 18, 2009

What does it open, anyway?

For you out-of-town readers, you probably are wondering what's going on in the City of Buffalo these days. Well, today's big news story is that Terrell Owens has been given the key to the city.

Here's the link.

My favorite "key to the city" story involves the last time Supertramp played in Memorial Auditorium. Lead singer Rick Davies talked about the band's history in Buffalo with affection, and said, "One time we received the key to the city, which we cherish to this day."

And Dave Kerner said to me, "I can hear Mayor Griffin saying, 'Yeah, I listen to you goofs all the time.' "

I'm not sure what Owens did to deserve the key to the city already. It's not like he's brought fame and glory to our fair city. That concept was a subject of conversation on talk shows today, according to the story. I can only hope the appearance increased attendance at the art gallery.

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Elmer Ploetz ... aka Mister E said...

My favorite key story ... In the last days of the Aud, I was going to see the Goos open for Bush (the band). ... As I went in, I ran into Rich Wall, who said, "hey, Dennis Gorski's giving the Goos the key to the county, c'mon in."

I did, and it was the usual key to the city/county BS ... but what was interesting was Robby Takac's mom was there and came over to talk. She was wearing earrings with a photo of a 5-year-old or so Robby on one and a sibling (sister) on the other.

It was just so Buffalo!