Monday, May 12, 2014

Fan Mail

I don't get much feedback on my newspaper stories from those who follow the Buffalo Bandits. But when I have, it's all been positive. My newspaper certainly goes into more depth than every other news source in town when it comes to the lacrosse team, a decision by the bosses to give the team plenty of space. (The Bandits do average 15,000 per game, after all.)

The fans notice that, and appreciate that. They seem happy that I will answer their questions when asked via social media and email. Here's one tweet that came in on Saturday:

Thanks for other local news person seems to....ever! Love your work by the way! LETS GO BANDITS!!!

Always nice to hear that, of course. Then came an unexpected email tonight.

     Far be it for me to criticize someone who makes $ 165,000 a year writing about games people play but...
     I searched the Bandits article for the crowd total. Not in the article, the notebook or the game summary.
     Notebook told me about unsung heros, play - off money, Vancouver fan average and since you must be getting paid by the word, stats from Buffalo/Rochester games from as far back as 1996, but no gate total from the game.
     It's a little thing to complain about but I am usually exposed to the four top sportswriters at the News, Jay, Mary Jo, Amy and sometimes Mark. Amy does a great job with the baseball when assigned but I'm sure any of them would be glad to help you with tips. Thanks.

He did sign his name, by the way. I wrote back to say that the attendance of Saturday's game was not on the scoresheet, as it had been for every other game. It was not announced at the game, as it was for every other game. When I checked for an update at 11:30 p.m. before my story was printed, the attendance was still not included.

Then about 24 hours after the game, I noticed that the attendance had been added to the official online scoresheet. So, I added the number to my online story, and also tweeted out the number for those interested. 

Think the guy will be satisfied? Me neither. But it leaves one obvious question.

How did he find out how much money I make at the newspaper?

(Epilogue - Our pal wrote back, saying he was just "busting my chops." It was a friendly letter. Still, don't you usually do that with someone you've actually met?)

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