Saturday, May 13, 2006

My own Web sites

You might notice the links to Web sites here. They are my own sites. The story behind the first one isn't too interesting to the general public. It's something of a tribute to my college newspaper at Syracuse, complete with current jobs, books written, and pictures. We like it.

The others are of more general interest. Some years ago, I was waiting for a phone call and was a little bored. In surfing the net, I noticed that there wasn't really a good place for sports book reviews. The most common stop for reviews is either or, and those are a little suspect. Authors have been known to tell friends to write glowing reviews on there, just to prime the pump, so to speak. I've done it. This won't affect the reviews for The DaVinci Code, but the small books with a few reviews will get a good average grade. So, I write up a review of everything I read that's been published in the last five years. It's mostly sports books, hence "Sports Book Review Center," but has other nonfiction as well.

The third site, "Road Trips!", was an excuse to get travel photos up on line for friends and relatives. Surprisingly, most people get there through searches for pictures. I got a few hundred hits for my Punxsutawney, Pa., pictures around Groundhog's Day. Otherwise, people just stumble on it for various locations. Jimi Hendrix's grave remains a popular picture.

Feel free to visit them at your convenience.

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