Friday, July 21, 2006

America's best job

We all have an idea about a perfect job. Left fielder for the Boston Red Sox? Movie star? Senior Senator? Business executive?

Nah. Samantha Brown has the best job around. She's a host on the Travel Channel. Or, perhaps I should say, the host on the Travel Channel. Every time I turn on that particular channel, it seems she is on. Does anyone else work there? Does the programming head just recycle her shows over and over again?

Granted, this is not a perfect job for someone who doesn't like to travel. Samantha seems to go everywhere. One hour she is in Hawaii. Then Rome. Then San Francisco. Scranton never comes up.

And it's not like we're talking Motel 6's here, either. She's usually sent to the best hotels, with the wait staff fawning over her. OK, it's television, you'd expect some cooperation from the staff considering the show is a 10-minute informercial in spots. But Samantha seems to get plenty of attention in the form of food and drink.

Samantha usually does a solid job on the show, and it's not an easy assignment. She talks to the camera as if it's a person in showing it around these good-looking spots, and that's not easy. In addition, she comes off with a good-sized amount of warmth and personality.

Brown is getting ready for year eight on the job, which involves some trips to South America. I would think a few more programs in the can and she could have her own channel -- nothing but her shows, 24 hours a day. Call it "Sam I Am" or something equally silly.

Yes, the job probably has some drawbacks. As in, how long do you go without reading the mail back home? Do you know your neighbors? But for those who like to travel, this has got to be as good as it gets.

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