Thursday, September 21, 2006

P.S.: Infomercial

Some time ago I wrote about some of the late-night infomercials. Here's an update on one of them:

One of the highlights was the ad for the world's greatest vitamin. Apparently people are invited to set up Web sites to sell the vitamins and percentage of the proceeds. It is said to be under investigation from the authorities, perhaps because it's something of a pyramid scheme.

So the good folks running the business apparently have a new plan. They have the same spokeswoman (Tylene Megley, who must be one of the few Tylenes out there) with a similar low-cut dress. They have the same sales pitch in terms of how this is the easiest way ever to make money and how the plan has gotten 50 times better lately through a bonus program.

Here's the fun part: The product is never mentioned in the advertisement.

So the pitch essentially is, give us a call and we'll tell you how to do, um, something.

And since there are no details on the actual product, the spokeswoman is forced to resort to repeating the sales pitch about six times in a 30-minute program. I got the idea about six minutes into the program.

Even by infomercial standards, this is less than entertaining.

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