Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Told you so

I hate to gloat.

Well, let's say I don't like it when others gloat, so I know I shouldn't do it. But sometimes it feels really good to be correct.

Which brings me to the slightly dated subject of Nick Saban.

Back in the summer, I ripped Saban for passing up a dinner with President Bush during the midst of training camp. He wanted to show his players how committed he was; I thought he was teaching them a lack of perspective. Besides, it's tough to root for a coach who has banned other front office employees from saying hello to him in the hallways.

When the University of Alabama went looking for a football coach a month ago, Saban's name came up. He denied any interest in the job, and said there was no chance he'd be leaving the Dolphins to go to Alabama. He practically yelled at reporters for bringing up the subject.

Then the Dolphins' season ended. And suddenly, Saban wasn't commenting on those persistent reports. And then Saban was meeting with the owner of the Dolphins, saying he'd like to go to Alabama to coach but that he was willing to stay. What's more, Saban's agent was supposedly floating a story around football circles weeks before that the coach might be interested in returning to the college game.

The Dolphins let him go, and Saban landed in Alabama. The good citizens of Crimson Tide Nation seemed happy to see him. Miami was happy to see him leave.

There's no doubt Nick Saban will win at Alabama. He's a very good football coach. I think he might have turned the Dolphins around eventually, although he'd probably like that Culpepper over Brees decision of a year ago.

Still, it's going to be difficult to believe anything he might say from now on. He may have gotten a bit richer and happier this move, but he certainly shreded his reputation.

I've never felt like taking sides in Alabama-Auburn games before, but I think I'm going to be saying "War Eagle!" and "Go Tigers" in the future.

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