Sunday, October 07, 2007

You can't be Sirius

Here's the latest reason why sometime it is difficult to take radio talk show hosts seriously.

When the New York Mets failed to qualify for the playoffs in uproarious fashion, SportsNet New York's Daily News Live program devoted plenty of post-mortems on it. When one of the panelists was asked how that compared to Boston's 1978 collapse, he responded by saying that there's no way he'd ever say anything was worse than the Red Sox loss, because it involved Boston. Scott Ferrell was identified as working on Sirius radio.

Fast forward a few days later to a different show -- same guy is interviewed. Ferrell is asked how the Mets' collapse ranked. He said it was the worst ever.

How's that for insight? Give different answers to the same question. Good going, Scott. Way to put a match to your own credibility.