Friday, December 21, 2007

"No, you go..."

When you post a family tree on line, you never know what the day's e-mail will bring.

For example ...

I received a short note today from someone who had noticed an entry for a distant relative of mine, John Wallace. I had found a note from the Daughters of the American Revolution that he had fought for the Americans, and posted it.

Here's the fun part. The note said Wallace was with General Washington at Valley Forge. He didn't like the conditions there, so he packed up his bag and went home.

After the winter, the Americans sent out word that all was forgiven, and that anyone who reported back for duty wouldn't be punished. Well, our pal John wasn't sure if he believed that completely.

So ... he sent his son -- also named John Wallace -- to take his place.

I wondered if courage runs in the family. Apparently not.