Sunday, August 24, 2008

Top Ten Comments Overheard in Beijing

1. "NBC should be showing the Opening Ceremonies any day now."
2. "Who put the butter on the relay batons?"
3. "Hard to believe Team USA won without J.J. Redick on the roster."
4. "Bickering, protests, complaints -- sure looks like the Democratic convention."
5. "How did the Red Sox do today ... yesterday ... tomorrow ... whenever it was?"
6. "I know I said I'd pick up the breakfast check, Mr. Phelps, but I didn't know ..."
7. "Usain, I'm Dick Jauron, head coach of the Buffalo Bills..."
8. "Did they change Peking Duck to Beijing Duck, too?"
9. "Man, I thought Arkansas was humid until I came here."
10. "Who's investigating the young Chinese gymnasts - Danny Almonte?"

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