Monday, November 17, 2008

The alma mater speaks

If you went on late Sunday afternoon, you'd see the top stories of the day concerning Syracuse University athletics listed, as usual. The big story at that point was the fact that the field hockey team had reached the Final Four by beating Princeton in overtime. OK, congratulations to them.

The second story was: "Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross Announces Change in Football Program." If this blog had many readers, I'd have a contest for the funniest suggestion about what that could mean. Has the starting time of the Notre Dame game been changed? Will the training table meals start having more fish and less meat? Is the price of the actual program that is sold at home games going to stay the same next year as a bow to the recession? When you are 2-8, the possibilities for comedy are limitless.

The actual story wasn't so funny, at least to Greg Robinson. He lost his job as head coach, effective at the end of the season. It's a tough profession, and Robinson saw the program hit bottom in his four years there, but at least he'll get $1.1 million or so next year not to coach.

Even so, Syracuse has the finest journalism school in the country, according to its graduates. Anyone ever teach the athletic department the phrase "burying the lead"?


John Fraissinet said...

If anyone deserved a boot, with that record, Coach Robinson certainly deserves it. Still, it's ironic, that in these economic times, a university is willing to take a $1.1 million hit for a chance for a winning season. While, I realize winning sports can more than pay for themselves, it would be nice if a sum like that was used to help the mission of education.

Bill said...

I dunno, is it really such a tough profession? I feel bad for the guy and all, but I have little doubt that he will find another coaching gig-- and he made a lot more money than any number of SU employees who are more closely involved with the institution's educational mission.

Suzie said...

Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross: "Please note the following change to your football program - tonight the part of Greg Robinson will be played by..."