Thursday, November 06, 2008

Take Five, post-election wrap-up edition

* A moment of silence, please, for the alleged Bradley effect. And a moment of applause for Nate Silver and, which got the percentages for Obama and McCain exactly right. Read more about Nate here.

* Have we reached the point of no return when it comes to information jammed on the television screen on election night? Some channels showed returns on a rotating basis, state predictions, poll closing times, identifications of speakers, and actual pictures of someone talking. Good thing I didn't look at the returns on my one-inch Watchman.

* Sarah Palin said she would be very upset if she cost John McCain even one vote in the election. Sarah, a friend of mine went on this very blog and saw a clip of your interview with Katie Couric ... and announced she was voting for Obama/Biden. Oops. I'm still wondering if Lindsay Graham of South Carolina might have brought John McCain a lot more gravitas along with credibility with the Republican base and a youthful image had he been picked for VP. But maybe he just didn't want the job.

* Go back a couple of entries, and you'll see where I said that McCain probably would get torched by conservative talk-show hosts after the election. Well, a local announcer on Wednesay called McCain "a corpse," and a national figure said the conservatives didn't lose the election because they didn't have anyone running for President. Those same hosts, by the way, respectively said Obama was "a socialist Marxist" and that the vote's outcome was a case of more than half of America committing "assisted suicide."

* Let the record show that a few days ago someone asked me when the election would be decided. "At 11 o'clock [Eastern], when California comes in," I responded. That's one in a row. I'm ready for that pundit's job in 2012 now.

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