Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Take five, vacation edition

1. I find it almost physically impossible to sit in an airport terminal, waiting for a flight, without buying a newspaper. And when I'm done, being a good citizen, I like to recycle the paper. (Note: This does not mean leaving it on the seat for someone else to read.) But try to do that in Buffalo, where there are no recycling bins in plain sight. Dear NFTA, start thinking green.

2. I found myself watching a bit of Fox News during vacation due to circumstances beyond my control, and there's one thing that really bothers me. No, not the conservative bias or the people on in prime time. Rather, how many non-blonde women are on that channel? Is hair color the only requirement for hiring for half of the population?

3. I was in the perfect spot to watch the end of the Bills-Jets game on Sunday -- in a cardiac unit in an Albany hospital. J.P. Losman fumbles, Jets score, I feel faint, and suddenly I'm surrounded by nurses. When I pointed to the screen, they nodded and went back to work.

4. Speaking of the Bills, is there any advantage at all to not telling what Dick Jauron's contract status is? The secrecy has become really ridiculous.

5. Pardon me, but I was a bit out of touch with the news when I was on vacation. The Governor of Illinois did what?

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