Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From that good-looking guy...

Keith Olbermann is something of Rorschach test on the political scene. Liberals watch him and pronounce that he's a voice of sanity on cable television news, while conservatives, well, they don't watch him because they are too busy cursing him. I could tell, though, that he was making an impact because people started to come up to me and said, "Anyone tell you that you look like Keith Olbermann?"

But at a time when we need a little less partisanship in our political outlook, we can all agree on one point about the MSNBC broadcaster: The man knows his baseball. He wrote a book with Dan Patrick during his ESPN days called "The Big Show," and it was pretty obvious that Olbermann was very familiar with baseball history. He's done plenty of writing for a variety of publications on the subject, including Sports Illustrated.

Now he's doing a blog for the MLBlogs Network, which I hadn't heard about until tonight when Olbermann talked baseball with Rachel Maddow on her show. I've checked it out and found it worthwhile; you can read it by going here.

I don't know if he'll have time to keep the blog up over the course of the season, but it will be fun to see him try.

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