Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take five, first day of summer edition

* Here in New York State, it's against the law to talk on the phone while driving. So when I'm driving and I'm next to someone who is talking on the phone, I just don't know how to act. That especially true because I'm not into obscene gestures. Should I honk the horn? Make a "hang up" gesture? I guess I'll just be very, very careful, because the other person doesn't care enough about me to pay full attention to the road.

* I saw where the new book entitled "A-Rod : The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez," which received all sorts of publicity including a "Today" show interview, at last count sold about 16,000 copies. That's an astonishingly low number, considering the hype. Half of the reviewers on gave the book one star, which is quite amazing. Care to guess when it will pop up in the discount bin?

* Entertainment Weekly recently did a story on the best and worst reality television shows. Better it than me, since I wouldn't have any bests. I've never bothered to watch one and don't understand the attraction. Heck, it took some research for me to find out who the "Jon and Kate" that the tabloid headlines were screaming about on a regular basis were. Is this the first time a show on TLC caused that much of a buzz?

* Right now my list of the greatest men's tennis players of all time goes, 1-2-3, Rod Laver, Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Laver gets the edge because he was shut out of the majors for some time in the Sixties because of the pro/amateur silliness of the time. But Federer has a chance to move up a notch, and he's an easy guy to root for at Wimbledon in the next two weeks.

* Someone is going to have to explain to me what the New York State Senate is fighting about, and why I should care. I've heard talk about legislative gridlock in Albany, which to me sounds like business as usual.

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