Friday, October 02, 2009

Marxist thought

If we can't have National Gorilla Suit Day (creator Don Martin's wife asked to stop it), then at the least we should make Groucho Marx's birthday a national holiday.

And that's today, October 2. Turner Classic Movies was celebrating it this morning. Thank goodness that the work of this Marx proved timeless, as opposed to the work of Karl Marx.

In tribute, here's a clip of Groucho in action. It's the famous scene with Harpo in "Duck Soup."

I've read all of the books on the Marx Brothers. Groucho and Harpo often had trouble interacting in the movies, often going through Chico as an "interpreter." So it's a little odd that one of the most famous scenes in the Brothers' history was with just the two of them. In fact, how odd is it for Groucho's big moment to be completely silent, considering he was the most verbal of comedians?

No matter. Enjoy this one.


Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

I have many Marx Bro's movies on DVD, and, although so much of the movies are very dated and ridiculous today, the wit and delivery of Groucho, and the antics of Harpo are timeless.

Hello, I must be going.

Michael said...

Love it. Always been a big Marx brother fan.