Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They're back

Last month, you remember, I wrote about the people of the fundraising March of Dimes, who refused to take no for an answer when it came to helping their efforts in my neighborhood.

Apparently, they don't read this blog.

Yesterday, I was in a fine, deep sleep, when the phone rang. I squinted at the clock (remember, I'm legally blind without glasses) to see that it was 8:05 a.m. Or, as I call it, the middle of the night.


"Mr. Bailey, this is Carol from the March of Dimes. We're still haven't found someone in your neighborhood to collect for our..."

I hung up before hearing any more. Sadly, though, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I went up to the computer, checked out the number from caller ID, and left a complaint on an Internet site that does such things. I also sent the organization a note telling them to make sure to put me on a Do-Not-Call list, if they pay attention to such things.

If they ever call back when I'm actually awake, they are really going to hear it from me.

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