Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to dreamland

It happened again on Tuesday night. I couldn't go to sleep. When that happens, I tend to get up and flip around the dial and search for something that will make me doze.

Ah, Glenn Beck's 2 a.m. rebroadcast. That always works.

Tuesday's show was particularly odd. He had some tape of Steven Lerner, a former union (SEIU) leader, spouting about how bad things were in this country and that we needed to essentially blow up the system and start over. The way to do that, he claimed, was to urge people not to pay their mortgages -- particularly if they were affiliated with JP Morgan Chase.

Hearing this guy actually brought back memories. When I was in college in the Seventies, there were always left-wing newspapers floating around campus, preaching something close to economic revolution. No one took them seriously.

Then Beck had a clip of Barack Obama addresses a SEIU meeting at some point, saying that he stood with the union. From there it was on to a recap of facts, with our host saying that Lerner wanted to practice economic terrorism, was a former union leader, and had actually been in the White House a few times.

So reviewing here:

1. One former union member preaches some silly economic tactic, and everyone in SEIU will follow it.

2. Since Obama has worked with SEIU, and Lerner used to be a member, there's an obvious connection between the two men.

3. President Obama is responsible for making sure absolutely no radicals set foot in the White House grounds, which I guess means we soon will be giving loyalty tests to anyone who shows up for a tour.

Remember when Sarah Palin thought that since Obama and William Ayers were on the same college faculty and had run into each other a few times, Ayers was obviously successfully spreading his evil world view to Obama? That type of thinking is alive and well.

Tell me again why this guy draws five million TV viewers.

Unless they need the sleep.

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