Monday, April 04, 2011

Tweet, tweet, tweet

I've finally found a couple of uses for Twitter, and they don't involve telling people where I am or what I had for breakfast.

My spiffy phone isn't exactly a competitor with an iPhone when it comes to Web access. I can get to certain mobile websites, but those with a lot of type jams it up. Therefore, I have to pick my spots on what I view.

Twitter is pretty much perfect for it. So, I registered for an account, and signed up for updates from such places as the Buffalo News sports section and the Buffalo Bandits. I can't read the stories, but I can get the headlines to that I'll know generally about the stories of the day.

It's funny to see the Bandits' tweets. Every tweet during a game that's associated with good news for the lacrosse team gets an exclamation point. Enthusiasm is not a problem there!

After using it on a road trip to Philadelphia, the light bulb in my head went off at some point. Why couldn't I send out word that I had updated a couple of my blogs?

So I do. If you want the latest in sports book reviews, you can sign up for SportsBkReviews. I post the URL whenever I write a new one. Then when I do an update of a hockey statistic, word goes out at HockeyAbstract.

The book site already has three followers, which puts me just behind the Butler Bulldog in terms of popularity. We'll see how it all works, but I can't see that I have anything to lose here.

Wish me luck, even if I've already spotted Snooki of "Jersey Shore" a big lead in followers.

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