Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good intentions

I believe I wrote last year about thinking about foul balls while at a Buffalo Bisons' game. If it's not a Friday night game, the contest usually isn't that well attended, there's time to think about what you might do if you get a foul ball. It happened last year, and I got a nice hand when I flipped the ball to a nice little girl.

Fast forward to tonight. Mrs. Inquisitive Mind and I didn't have much company tonight in the upper deck. Sure enough, someone hit a ball in the seat just below mine, so it was no problem getting it as there was no one near me.

I grabbed the ball, walked over to the aisle, and handed the ball to a child who looked to be about four. He was wearing a Superman shirt; some of my friends know that I probably wouldn't give a ball to someone in a Yankees' shirt.

As I was walking back to my seat, the 4-year-old in question took a look at the ball ... and threw it back on to the screen that runs behind home plate to protect the fans from line drives. The ball slowly rolled down the screen toward the field, gone forever.

His father darn near fainted.

Too bad ESPN wasn't there. Definite Play of the Day material.

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