Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a new age

If you want proof that we are in an entirely new era when it comes to information-gathering, here's another example:

On Friday night, I covered the Subaru Buffalo Four Mile Chase, one of the area's most prestigious road races. I got back to the house at 8:45, and dashed off a story in nearly record time despite the fact that the men's winner was nowhere to be found after the race. (I have a suspicion he showed up for the check ceremony.)

I e-mailed my story to the office around 9:30 p.m. When I did so, I looked in the inbox and noticed I had gotten a Facebook message from someone I didn't know. Hmmm.

The message said, "Luke Wiles!"

Hmmm. Luke Wiles is an indoor lacrosse player. He was with Washington last season. In fact, I interviewed him after the All-Star Game at Turning Stone. Good guy. But what was the connection?

I did a quick Google search, and sure enough, there was news on a couple of websites that Wiles had been traded to the Buffalo Bandits for two draft choices. There were quotes from the Stealth general manager, which sure sounded official. But nothing from the Bandits.

I typed up a few paragraphs and sent it into the paper for inclusion in Saturday's paper. Then I sent a note to my new friend, saying I liked the deal a lot. Thanks, pal.

Oh, the Bandits released the story the next afternoon.

There are all sorts of ways to stay on top of things.

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