Friday, December 23, 2011

Who's turn is it anyway?

I'm starting to get the impression that the Republican Party is looking for someone, anyone, but Mitt Romney to win its Presidential nomination.

All together now ... "YOU THINK?!?"

Considering the election process hasn't started yet, I can't remember a more fascinating process without a single vote being cast. The polls have done up and down for most of the candidates, while Romney stays in the 20's for support.

If you recall, Michelle Bachmann got a bit of a boost early on when she bought her way to a victory in the straw poll at the Iowa State Fair. The bounce from that lasted, oh, about a news cycle.

Rick Perry thought he saw an opening, entered the race, and vaulted to the top of the polls. Then he started talking, people became rather fearful, and Perry's ratings plunged.

Perry was followed by Herman Cain, who seemed personable enough and had a simple economic plan. Too bad he knew as much about world affairs as I did, and may have cheated on his wife. See ya. By the way, his book called "This is Herman Cain - My Journey to the White House" was on the new releases table at Barnes & Noble today. Expect it to be in the discount section by about Dec. 27, if not sooner.

The Republicans, disapproving of a candidate charged with infidelity, then turned to Newt Gingrich. Now there's a man who knows something about infidelity. Gingrich, who at times at least has some thoughtful ideas, rose to the top of the polls. Then the "bad Newt" started coming out again in his public speeches, and suddenly bringing back 1994 didn't seem like such a great idea. Back down the ladder he went.

On the other side of the see-saw from Gingrich this time was Ron Paul, who at least sticks to his ideological guns under any circumstances. It's hard to think of him as the least bit electable considering his libertarian views, but he's not someone who panders to an audience. Right now, Paul and Romney are considered a toss-up in the Iowa caucus.

Bachmann and Rick Santorum might be thinking, "Is there time enough on the calendar to have our turn?" Tim Pawlenty might be thinking, "I probably look good to a few Republicans about now."

If I'm forced to guess what happens at this point, I would say Romney will win the nomination because there isn't much of an alternative. But while some Republicans will hold their nose and vote for him, few will have any enthusiasm and some will just stay home on Election Day. Barring further economic troubles, it's difficult to see that combination winning a general election.

But, as commentator Jeff Greenfield says, if the election were held today ... everyone would be surprised. I can't wait until votes are cast.

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The Man Who Never Liked the Crawford Signing said...

Obama will easily win reelection in '12; the Republicans have no one who will seriously challenge - write it down!