Monday, June 05, 2006

Five and counting...

I've been known to poke around, even post when I have the overwhelming urge to contribute "important" information. Forums usually aren't for the faint of heart, as you can get slapped around a bit by other readers, but some interesting ideas often get tossed around.

Like this one: five people you wish would go away. Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and Barry Bonds are disqualified for obvious reasons.

Who can stop with five?

1. Stuart Scott. Just a little too impressed with himself these days, especially in his column in ESPN the Magazine.

2. Angelina Jolie. Might be a nice person for all I know, but gets far more attention than she deserves. More attention than anyone deserves, in fact.

3. Drew Rosenhaus. Since Terrell Owens should have been disqualified, I'll take his agent here. An ego on parade. He might have written the worst sports book in history, which is quite a statement but I think it can be supported.

4. Bill O'Reilly. Let's avoid his politics. He seems to be a pig in the workplace, and doesn't let the facts get in his way. Click.

5. Isiah Thomas. I'm ready to name him general manager of the Yankees.

6. Gary Bettman. I'd mention Bob Goodenow here because of their roles in last year's year-long hockey lockout, but Goodenow already has gone away.

7. The creators of "Elimidate" and "Blind Date." Watch, and you'll find out why. And I thought Chuck Barris preyed on the intellectually unfortunate.

8. Most football coaches, at least in public. They never say anything, and they never let their assistants say anything at all. I still remember Skip Bayless' line that he only met one coach who could give an informed opinion about who his favorite Beatle was. Paul Hackett, we salute you for that distinction.

9. Most sports talk show hosts. Sometimes I feel shame for being a former member of the fraternity.

10. Dr. Laura. It was a happy day when her TV show got cancelled. I must go write the sponsors of her radio show some day.

There are about five others whose disappearance would merely make my life better as opposed to all of mankind's, so I'll keep those private. Let's just say I wouldn't go bowling with them.

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Greg said...

Five I can do without:

1. Brad Riter (a Buffalo sports talk radio guy);
2. Gregg Popovich (nice to know he's watching the NBA Finals on TV);
3. Tom Bauerle (a Buffalo news-talk guy who loves telling us how evil all Islamic people are);
4. Dick Vitale (It's just time for him to go);
5. Rick O'Reilly, Sports Illustrated columnist