Friday, June 09, 2006

It's just a fantasy

I never became too enthusiastic about fantasy sports. I tried them on a limited basis, but I have enough trouble keeping up with the real standings to try and keep up with how "my own team" is doing.

But the concept of fantasy drafts is a good one. What is your personal ranking of a particular group? What's more, you can apply it to just about any subject at all. The arguments quickly follow:

1. California
2. Hawaii
3. Florida
4. New York
5. Utah

My sleeper pick is West Virginia, which is truly beautiful and few know it. Utah has some fascinating places, although there's a lot of empty space between them.

Baseball movies
1. Field of Dreams
2. Bull Durham
3. Pride of the Yankees
4. The Natural
5. Bang the Drum Slowly

William Bendix fans no doubt will add "The Babe Ruth Story" and "Kill the Umpire."

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. George Washington
3. Franklin Roosevelt
4. Teddy Roosevelt
5. Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson probably was a better founding father than President, but I had to take him in that spot. In a long draft, I'd bet Eisenhower would go too late, and Kennedy would go too early.

Bruce Springsteen Songs
1. Born to Run
2. Rosalita
3. Badlands
4. Thunder Road
5. Glory Days

These were pretty easy; the top 10 would be much tougher.

Heavyweight Champions
1. Muhammad Ali
2. Joe Louis
3. Jack Dempsey
4. George Foreman
5. Larry Holmes

The toughest name to leave off is Rocky Marciano. His biggest drawback is that he didn't really beat anyone that good, so it's tough to know how good he is. I think of him as a smaller Joe Frazier. By the way, Lennox Lewis might be in my top 10.

Tourist Attractions
1. Na Pali coast of Hawaii
2. Lake Louise, Alberta
3. Zion National Park, Utah
4. Mount St. Helens, Washington
5. Monument Valley, Arizona

You could put the Yosemite Valley in here, and I wouldn't complain. Yellowstone was pretty special too.

The categories are limited only by your imagination. Greatest Boston Red Sox players? Candy bars? Astronauts? I could be up for hours doing this.

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