Thursday, September 04, 2008

The blogosphere

Here are a couple of blogs presented for your entertainment:

I've become a fan of Chuck Todd this political season. He may not have much flash, but he clearly knows his stuff inside and out and presents the facts in a clear, straightforward manner. His role has increased since Tim Russert's death, to the point where he's done some hosting on MSNBC.

Todd has more fans than me. One, in fact, has started a blog called Viva Chuck Todd. It's pretty funny, and I hope the NBC News staff is getting some chuck-les out of it.

Then there's another site dedicated to Bruce Springsteen. You have to give the owner a lot of credit. He's put together a database of all of the songs (or as many as he could) played by Springsteen in concerts (and in the studio) over the years. It's called "The Killing Floor -- Bruce Springsteeen database page."

Care to guess what Springsteen played in Richfield Coliseum in 1992? This is the place to look. He opened with "Better Days," which I can't say I remembered.

This may be the only blog where Chuck Todd and Bruce Springsteen share top billing. Enjoy it, fans of eclectic tastes.

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