Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheap plug

The Buffalo News has added a couple of new sports blogs to its list, and I've got a hand in one of them. We are now featuring a blog called "Sports Ink," which covers subjects that don't come up elsewhere. That list would include the Bandits, running, outdoor sports, etc.

While I'll be sending in some items that don't fit in the running column, I will be represented every day in another sense. I've written up a regular item that can be called "This Day in Buffalo Sports History." It was fun to do the research on it, going through a variety of sources including the Internet and a bunch of local and national reference books. When possible, I've included a couple of paragraphs on how The News covered the story in question at the time.

In the next several days, we'll have items on such diverse subjects as a Joe Mesi fight to a Buffalo pro football team that started operations in 1920. As you could imagine, the Bills and Sabres get the most items over the course of a year.

Hope you like it; you'll find it nowhere else.

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