Monday, March 02, 2009

Strange emotions

I saw this bit of video on Sports by Brooks. Sledge hockey is played by those who have lost the use of their legs. The video is from a game between the American and Canadian teams, as the U.S. crashed into Canada's goalie in the final moments of a 2-1 loss. Anyone who has seen the documentary "Murderball" knows about the competitiveness of these athletes and how tempers can spill over. Still, this clip might make you think about such issues of the role of fighting in hockey:

Me, I've always found the fighters to be more interesting than the fighting, and I wonder how fighting seems to disappear when the games get important. But I have had players -- people I respect -- tell me about the important of fighting as a safety valve.

Fighting is certainly part of the hockey culture, as this video shows. It's tough to know if that will ever change.

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