Friday, January 08, 2010

The day's links

A few stories worth noting, particularly for those who like books and newspapers (there must be a few of you out there):

* Glenn Locke passed along this blog on the joys of publishing. The author has some very interesting sales figures for e-books vs. printed books. Obviously, "Rayzor's Edge" came out a little late to capitalize on this development part of the business. Then again, since my publisher went out of business, it wouldn't have mattered.

Most of the books I read won't be available electronically for years, but I can see it coming.

* Speaking of Glenn, he also sent a link to this site on really odd books. Nice to see "Rayzor's Edge" not appear here. I'm ready to read "A Cow Is Too Much Trouble in Los Angeles."

* Dave Kindred is always worth writing, and he compiled a list of dos and donts about sports journalism. There's some good advice there.

* Kindred mentioned the demise of the Washington Times sports section. I was late to the party when it came to hearing about that. Dan Daly has a nice tribute to the good work the paper did. I knew the late Dave Fay from the Times from my hockey days; he was one of the good guys.

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