Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take five

1. Why do I have the feeling that the idea of Michael Jordan owning a pro basketball team is not going to end well? He's about to take over in Charlotte. It's a bit unfair, but I still have an image of Jordan as a general manager in Washington. He was very detached, not even bothering to move to D.C., and his player evaluation skills were very much in question. It's tough to see things changing when he's another step away from the action, in a less competitive situation.

It reminds me a bit of Wayne Gretzky's situation when he took over as Coyotes' coach. At least Gretzky gave it a full shot, and he was handicapped by ownership's financial problems. Still, I was never crazy about some of his personnel thoughts, dating back to his playing days. The Coyotes' relative success this season now that Gretzky has stepped down isn't an advertisement for his work.

2. I haven't agreed with much Karl Rove has said for free in the public arena (Fox News, Wall Street Journal) since he left the public sector. Therefore, I'm not going to pay $25 to read what he says about his old job in a new book -- even if I usually like to read books about the Presidency. I've heard that Rove has his former boss ready to go up on Mount Rushmore. Well, that's one who thinks so.

3. If I'm a member of the Buffalo Bills' front office, don't I at least ask Derek Anderson, former Browns quarterback, to come in to at least have his tires kicked? The man was a Pro Bowl selection a couple of years ago, and he is a completely free agent. Anderson has to be better than anyone the Bills have on the roster right now.

4. How would you react if you were in the gallery for Tiger Woods' return to pro golf? I'd be awfully tempted to give him the silent treatment for that first tournament. As in, "Now on the tee, Tiger Woods," followed by nothing. It would be rude to yell anything, but I'd like to let him know that he needs to earn my applause with his actions on and off the course.

5. I'll make you a deal. If you don't tell me how badly your bracket pool is doing -- and I've never talked to anyone who is happy about their selections in mid-tournaments, which is another reason why I don't do such pools -- I won't tell you any more facts about my family tree. Even if I did find a connection the other day to John Adams. Yes, that John Adams.


Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

Tiger didn't cheat at golf, he cheated on his wife. He never held himself out as an example of a perfect family man, or suggested anyone should live like him. All he did was play golf and have us throw money at him. Most guys who are pissed are just jealous that they never had the opportunity for sexual exploits that Tiger has. He's a guy. Golf is a guy's game. This should make him a hero among the highly Republican golf community, where all the politicians they vote for are doing the same thing. He should team with John Ensign at a pro-am!

Budd Bailey said...

If Tiger is going to put his name out in public for endorsements, seek charitable donations to a foundation, etc., I'd argue that he has something of a responsibility to act in a proper manner at all times. I can't blame sponsors for dropping him for that reason. I'm willing to admire his skills on the golf course, but maybe my initial silence would help send a message that there can be a small price to pay for misbehavior.