Friday, March 19, 2010

"You Be The Judge"

"It's time for another exciting episode of 'You Be The Judge," the show that allows the reader to decide the fate of a fellow human being.

"Here's today's situation, taken from a real-life incident.

"A basketball fan was at his local car dealer this afternoon for a state inspection and an oil change. When he sat down in the waiting room, the television set was tuned to Fox News. While no one seemed to be closely watching it, the fan thought it would be rude to change the station to NCAA basketball.

"However, when all of the people left, he got up and changed the station to CBS and basketball. He was watching the game between Cornell and Temple, an impressive upset in the making. The fan did have a book in his hands, which he had brought in case he couldn't watch the game.

"However, a 60's-ish man came down, and plopped down near the television set, and shortly thereafter he changed the channel ... back to Fox News -- the station that put a small insert picture on the air yesterday of a speed reader going through the health care bill, page by page. (Fair and balanced, my ...) The fan didn't say anything, mostly because the guy was wearing a General Motors jacket and the fan figured he had suffered enough in the past several months.

"But, even so, should the fan have been cleared of murder charges if he decided to take strong action against the rude visitor?

"You Be The Judge!"

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