Sunday, May 02, 2010

From the late shift

The other night, I was channel-hopping when I stumbled on a new-looking informercial by Dean Graziosi, alleged real estate guru, talking about how to pick up properties from banks, I believe. What caught my eye was a small disclaimer than ran at the bottom of the screen a couple of times within a few minutes.

I'm paraphrasing here, but here's the way it read more or less:

"Most people who did not take the course lost money on this activity. Yet of those who registered for the course, almost half made money."

Let's review here. For those who didn't take the class, more than 50 percent lost money on real estate ventures. For those who did sign up, more than 50 percent lost money on real estate venture.

Either Dean needs to be more specific on his numbers, or he needs a new writer ... because it sure sounds like his course doesn't affect the results at all. But send us your credit card number anyway.

By the way, here are some testimonials to his previous work.

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