Friday, May 16, 2008

Just amazing...

A recent radio program sent me all the way back to 1962 or so.

I was in elementary school in Pines Lake (part of Wayne), New Jersey. My father was on some sort of PTA committee in charge of putting together an afternoon of entertainment for the kiddies on a Saturday.

Dad scouted the available talent pool, and found some guy who would come in and perform something of a magic show for the eager elementary school kids. I believe Dad and Co. talked the guy down to $35 after some negotiating.

Once the man started to perform, the kids had a good time and the adults were even impressed. Dad figured the group had gotten a bargain for its $35. I can still picture the day, sitting on the grass a couple of rows back while the entertainer worked with his back to the back wall of the school.

That entertainer was headed for bigger things. He was, then as now, the Amazing Kreskin.

Kreskin was on The Joey Reynolds Show the other night, a syndicated late night broadcast. Hard to believe the appearance at Pines Lake didn't come up.

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