Saturday, January 31, 2009

Groundhog's Day, again

My wife likes to have some sort of party for her staff each year to show her appreciation for their hard work. The catch is that December is usually too busy a time for everyone in order to do the idea justice.

Since her favorite holiday is Groundhog's Day, she has it then instead. And after the month we've had weather-wise, a party seems like a good idea about now.

The fourth annual party is coming up in her office in the Rath Building, and she farms out the role of writing of most of the invitation. To me. I write the Letterman-like list of 10 reasons to celebrate Groundhog's Day.

You should know that we have a couple of building projects in downtown Buffalo that are taking forever to build. And we had quite a windstorm shortly before I wrote the list up. Otherwise, you should get most of the attempts at jokes:

Ten New Reasons to Celebrate at a Groundhog's Day Party
1. You can sing traditional Groundhog's Day carols with your coworkers.
2. Chance to guess which will come first: new Bass Pro or new waterfront casino.
3. Gain valuable lesson in geography by trying to find Punxsutawney on map.
4. Groundhog's spotting of shadow now means six more months of Dick Jauron.
5. Great way to spend time while waiting for next exciting Bandits' game.
6. Groundhog Goulash is refreshing switch from Christmas cookies.
7. You'll be hungry after observing traditional Super Bowl fast the day before.
8. Can personally wish others Happy Groundhog's Day instead of mailing pricey cards.
9, Seventy-mph wind gusts are unlikely to spoil a party held inside Rath Building.
10. A warmer weather forecast is change that we can believe in.


Becky said...

of course only the Best and Brightest are invited, right?

Budd Bailey said...

The key words are, "her staff."

Becky said...

And the staff knows who the best and brightest really are (including their immediate boss). The union handed out buttons with that inscription, in case anyone forgot.

Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

I got 3 more:

11) No Groundhog Day shopping necessary.

12) Your significant other will not try to drag you to Groundhog Eve midnight mass.

13) Your mom doesn't expect you to travel across the country to come home for Groundhog day, where you instead end up sleeping on a bench in O'Hare.