Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quote of the day/month/year

Congratulations to Amy Moritz, for collecting what is my favorite quote of 2009 at the Bisons' game on Monday (it appeared in Tuesday's newspaper).

The Bisons have a record of 13-30, are in last place in the overall International League standings, and flirted with the worst record in baseball for a while.

After Fernando Martinez led the Bisons to a win Monday night, Amy supplied this quote from Martinez's manager about the outfielder's performance:

"It's phenomenal. Where would we be without him?," said Bisons' manager Ken Oberkfell.

Ummm, last?

By the way, Martinez went up to the majors and played for the Mets Tuesday night. And the Bisons lost to Lehigh Valley on Tuesday night without him.

Thank you, Amy.

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