Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That old college gang of mine

The picture above: Reunited Daily Orange staffers pose at 1101 E. Adams St -- the former site of their workplace ... and now a parking ramp. Front row: Annette Licitra, Mike Stanton, robin brown, Bruce Hackett, Irwin Fisch. Back row: Maura McEnaney, Cheryl Solimini, Sy Montgomery & Howard Mansfield, Jim Naughton, Helen Burggraf, Kathye Fetsko Petrie, Budd Bailey, Carol McCormick Semple, Bob and Debbie Ward.

Time for another update on my old friends.

My college newspaper staff did pretty darn well since we all left in the late 1970's. Here's the toteboard of where everyone is, more or less:

David Abernethy - Lawyer, Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP, Philadelphia, PA
Donna Andersen - Donna Andersen Copywriting and lovefraud.com, Atlantic City, NJ
Budd Bailey - Buffalo News, Buffalo, NY
Sean Branagan - Newhouse School, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Kirk Brewer - Core Communications Partners, Dallas, TX
robin brown - Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington, DE
Helen Burggraf - Citywire, London, England
Rick Burton - Falk School, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.
Vickie Carr - Dartmouth, Mass.
Tom Coffey - New York Times, New York, NY
Garry Ellison - World Book Encyclopedia, Chicago, IL
Marsha Evans - Canton Jr./Sr. High, Canton, CT
Al Fecteau - Attorney, Valdosta, Ga.
Irwin Fisch - Musician, New York, NY
Katie Fritz - West Chester SPCA, West Chester, PA
Bruce Hackett - Musician, freelance writer, Santa Monica, Calif.
Peter Heimlich - Self-employed, Chocoura, New Hampshire
Geoff Hobson - Writer/Editor, Bengals.com, Cincinnati, Ohio
Claudia Estelle Hutton - Dormitory Authority, State of NY, Albany, NY
Barry Lambergman - Motorola, Washington. D.C.
Bruce Levine - New York Times, New York, NY
Annette Licitra - American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC
Audrey Lipford, Attorney, New York, NY
Eduardo Lopez - EVS Communications, Washington, D.C.
Howard Mansfield - Freelance author, Hancock, NH (authorwire.com)
Brent Marchant - New Consciousness Review, Chicago, Ill.
Maura McEnaney - Freelance writer, Medford, Mass.
Mo Mehlsak - Editor, the Forecaster, Portland, Maine
Sy Montgomery - Hancock, New Hampshire (authorwire.com)
Jim Naughton - Episcopal Diocese, Washington, DC
Laurie Nikolski - Journal-News, White Plains, NY
Kathye Fetsko Petrie -freelance writer; children's book author, Swarthmore, Pa.
Larry Petry - Research analyst, Penn Traffic, Syracuse, NY
Bob Sacha - Photographer/filmmaker/etc., New York, NY
Jacqui Salmon - American Bar Association, Washington, D.C.
Carol McCormick Semple - Copy editor, Portland Press-Herald, Portland, ME
Cheryl Solimini - Writer/editor/humorist, Milford, Pa.
Mike Stanton - Journalism professor, U. of Connecticut, and freelance writer
Joel Stashenko - New York Law Journal, Albany, NY
John Scott - U.S. General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C.
Chuck Stevens - Bloomberg News, New York, NY
Dick Stirba - Hanley Webb LLC, Washington, DC
Ben Walker - Associated Press, New York, NY
Bob Ward - Office of State Comptroller, Albany, NY
Debbie Hormell Ward - Albany, NY
Tim Wendel - Freelance writer and author, Vienna, Va.
Joe Wrinn -Consultant for nonprofits and universities, Massachusetts

Where are they now? John Barrows, Paul Jasinski.

Feel free to write if you have updated information.

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