Saturday, May 30, 2009

Virtual Museum

The long-awaited (particularly by the authors) book on the Buffalo Braves has been published. Tim Wendel's book, "Buffalo, Home of the Braves," is out and available to the public.

Tim did a book-signing at the New Era Cap store in Buffalo on Saturday morning, and I went down to get a copy. Tim is shown posing with a copy with Ernie DiGre ... well, actually that's Mark Derringer, noted Braves fan.

Tim is an old friend from college (I have only one new friend from college, actually; I met her at a reunion in 2003), and he has done all sorts of good works over the years. This is another quality project. You can get more information from his Web site on it.

Helping Tim out at the signing was John Boutet, who brought part of his huge collection of Buffalo Braves memorabilia to the New Era store. I particularly liked the Buffalo Braves mug, but he had newspaper clippings, programs, media guides, etc.

John has established something of a virtual museum on line. If you like this sort of stuff, you'll certainly like the Web site.

John is an advocate of setting up some sort of Buffalo Sports Museum. All's he needs is someone to donate the space. He tried the Sabres and got nowhere. We wish him well with that. But at least we have the Web site in the meantime.

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