Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let the game begin...

My old pal and former Jeopardy winner Mitch posted a link to a Mad magazine article reprint in which two writers invented the game of 43-Man Squamish. It was a dead-on spoof of athletics, complete with a then-trendy reference to Barry Goldwater. It seems to be remembered to this day, and you can see it here.

My best memory of the story comes from my old pal Kevin. (I have very few young pals at this stage of my life.) Kevin brought a copy of Mad into his Spanish teacher and repeated the key phrase of the game. She looked puzzled and said, "My uncle is sick but the highway is green"???

I think Mad was the only magazine that my mother, sister and I all read while I was growing up.

Not at the same time, of course.


Becky said...

Senora Rappold or Senora Brown?

Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

I was in that class, and it would have been Srta. Perriera, who may have become one of those when she married.

Thanks to her, I am able to enjoy futbol on spanish tv, with commentator Fernando Schwartz.

Becky said...

Brown! However I can't verify that via yearbooks...the same ones that say her name was Senora Perriera all along (?). Had her in 7th & 8th grade too - maybe there.

For all of that I have only retained the basics, and cannot follow a conversation spoken at full speed. Just as well sometimes.